Laura Opsahl says:

“All of us most likely have a collection of tools at home and we know when and how to use each one. In addition to these physical tools, we all need to have emotional tools that we can rely on when our self-esteem falters, when our communication and relationship skills break down, and in the darkness of chronic pain and stress. I see myself as a teacher who will help you fill your emotional toolbox with skills that will serve you well when you need them. This is accomplished through regular psychotherapy sessions, during which you learn and practice these new skills. The feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and even “craziness” will lessen and you can be free to become the person you want to be.

Opsahl Psychotherapy likens the process of therapy to facing and climbing the mountain of personal challenge and growth.

The mountain, when seen from afar, seems overwhelming and we often are tempted to give up our resolve to conquer its summit, before we even take our first, tentative step.

We may be comforted by knowing that other feet have also passed this way. Climbing with a guide, instead of trying to do it alone, reduces our anxiety and fear.

Opsahl Psychotherapy is ready to help you face and climb your personal mountain.