Laura Opsahl says:

“At first you’ll need to hear my voice supporting your new thoughts and actions; and over time, your own inner voice becomes stronger and more able to support you.

“In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche; ‘He (or she) who would learn to fly must first learn to stand, and walk and run, and climb, and dance. One cannot fly into flying.’ I accompany you as you climb to the top of your mountain and I rejoice with you as you test out your new wings.”

Opsahl Psychotherapy is a private counseling practice. Laura Opsahl has worked with people ages 2-93 for over 30 years. She holds a Master’s degree from Yale University.

She has a wide variety of skills and is experienced with people in all stages of life as:

  • resource for retirees and seniors facing the challenges of aging
  • expert on guiding clients through the many faces of loss: death, divorce, the “empty nest”, financial and job insecurity, retirement, and health problems
  • presenter of seminars on the stages of grief and the spiritual issues of death and dying
  • facilitator of hospice bereavement support groups
  • chaplain for a local police department
  • provider of court-ordered anger management sessions
  • counselor of high school students in both public and private boarding schools
  • psychological consultant for staff of daycare centers, addressing successful discipline and parenting concerns

Laura has helped clients of many faiths:

  • Even though her work with clients is not primarily of a spiritual/religious nature, she is quite open to, and experienced in, working on any faith issues when requested.

Laura is experienced with virtually any topic, some of which are:

  • developing self-esteem
  • healing the wounds of abuse – emotional, physical and verbal
  • exploring one’s sexuality
  • coping with infertility
  • managing stress
  • surviving eating disorders
  • identifying and battling anxiety and depression
  • improving communication skills
  • building healthy relationships

Laura works with individuals, couples and families. She sees clients in her Farmington, Connecticut office as well as in their homes, if needed. Individual sessions are 50 minutes long; couple and family sessions are one hour. She offers a 30-minute introductory meeting at no charge.