Laura Opsahl says:

“It is important to realize that your climb to the mountain top is not going to be smooth. There will be small victories, and then you may slide back a bit and become discouraged. But you will never fall down as low as where you began. Every step is helpful and a part of the process. You are always moving upward.”

Opsahl Psychotherapy services include:

  • active listening
  • creative problem solving
  • supportive reflecting
  • teaching healthy emotional growth
  • cognitive behavioral therapy

What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

  • Cognitive = referring to the brain and how we think
  • Behavioral = referring to the body and how we act
  • Therapy = feeling the pain and making it diminish

Who does psychotherapy help?

  • couples who are struggling with their relationships
  • parents having painful confrontations with their children
  • adults with responsibility for aging parents
  • people who have lost their jobs or who are moving into the retirement years
  • anyone who is experiencing problems of stress, grief, loss, anger, anxiety or confusion
  • someone who simply wants to talk
Let me help you face your personal mountain.